Stewardship Ministries, RC Liaison: Tom Marshall
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Gratitude, generosity, and faithfulness go hand in hand to share all that God has provided for us.

Legacy Giving Committee

Legacy Giving Committee promotes legacy giving, sponsors the Legacy Society, and presents workshops about issues related to legacy giving, aging, and end of life issues.

Legacy Society

Legacy Society includes all people who remembered St. James in their wills or estate plans.

St. James Endowment Fund

The St. James Endowment Board works to make sure that funds raised by the Legacy Giving Committee are actively managed. The Committee selects investment managers and then works to make sure the Endowment Fund performs well against external financial benchmarks.

Stewardship Committee

Stewardship Committee nurtures formation in the spiritual disciplines of gratitude, generosity, and faithful stewardship of all God’s gifts to us.