Feed the Kids

This is St. James’ participation with the local “Feed the Kids Coalition” which provides dinner to 275-350 youth at the Boys & Girls Club on a rotating basis on Friday evenings with four other local churches. Volunteers plan, shop, prepare, transport, serve and clean up, so there is no shortage of ways you can plug in to help.

St. James supports the Feed the Kids Coalition
About the Creation Care ministry at St. James

Creation Care

Creation Care is a new ministry at St. James that seeks to raise awareness of ways we all can help to reuse, recycle, and provide better stewardship of the environment.

About the Creation Care ministry at St. James

St. James Community Garden

This ministry will create a community garden to the north of the Cox House on Grove Street. This giving and teaching garden will become a community asset with 10 raised beds, providing ministry space for the parish and fresh produce for those in the community. Gardening is fundamentally an act of joy and hope, and the garden is a place of peace and perseverance, an icon of the Paschal cycle of life, death, and resurrection, and a space to encounter God’s creation on the literal ground level. We plan to start plantings in 2024!

About the St. James Community Garden
About the St. James Home Repair Ministry

Home Repair Ministry

This ministry provides hands-on housing repair and construction in support of the Henderson County Housing Assistance Corp. (HCA) home repair program. Three teams of approximately 10 volunteers each, work on a rotating basis providing help to HCA one Saturday a month (individuals commit to work one Saturday every three months). Additionally, one team works on the third Tuesday of every month. Teams work under the supervision of an HCA employee and provide services for disadvantaged individuals in Henderson County.

About the St. James Home Repair Ministry

Wednesday Work Crew

The Wednesday Work Crew meets every Wednesday from 9-noon to do maintenance and repairs and whatever is needed around the church.

About the St. James Wednesday Work Crew